Matthew Nieman

Graduation Year


  • Stillwater, Oklahoma


  • B.S., Political Science/Economics, Oklahoma State University


What inspired you to pursue a law degree?

I first became interested in acquiring a law degree because of my passion for politics and government, but this was more firmly cemented after my experiences with Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature through their moot court program and later as a justice on the organization’s Supreme Court; there I found a passion for legal research and argumentation and affirmed my desire to attain a law degree (sorry if that’s a rather long answer, so if it needs to be shortened you can go ahead and do that).


Why did you choose OU Law?

The combination of the facts that OU Law is the most highly regarded law program in Oklahoma, its close proximity to my family, the good community atmosphere of faculty and students, and its financial affordability all convinced me that OU Law was the right choice for me.


What is something most people don’t know about you?

One thing that most people don’t know is that I really love role playing games, both traditional tabletop ones like Dungeons & Dragons, and video games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Another fact would be that I’ve never been outside the United States. On a more law-related note, most people who know me outside of Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature probably don’t know that I’ve been a justice on the organization’s Supreme Court for the last three years.

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