Current Issues

Vol. 3, No. 4 (November 2017)

Editor's Introduction - Mason W. Smith   PDF

European Energy Security, American LNG, and the Global Natural Gas Marketplace - Dr. Christopher S. Kulander   PDF

Siting Carbon Dioxide Pipelines - Tara K. Righetti   PDF

A Reexamination and Reformulation of the Habendum Clause Paying Quantities Standard Under Oil and Gas Leases - Alex Ritchie   PDF

Recent Case Decisions   PDF

Vol. 3, No. 3 (September 2017)

The 2017 Survey on Oil & Gas

Editor's Introduction - Mason W. Smith  PDF

Alaska - Steven A. Rhodes and Zachary H. Barrett  PDF

Arkansas - Kelli D. Smith  PDF

Colorado - Diana S. Prulhiere, David R. Little, and Casey C.
Breese  PDF

Illinois - Justin Fisher  PDF

Kansas - Sarah Trainer and Steven A. Rhodes  PDF

Kentucky - Sarah M. Lange  PDF

Louisiana - Rachel Cummings  PDF

Maryland - Davin L. Seamon  PDF

Michigan - M. Vafa Barissi  PDF

Missouri - Heather Gale Graham  PDF

Montana - Jessica E. McDonald  PDF

Nebraska - Ashley Howie Tallichet  PDF

Nevada - Kacie M. Bevers  PDF

New Mexico - Zach Gaver  PDF

New York - Nathaniel I. Holland and Benedict J. Kirchner  PDF

North Dakota - William J. Black  PDF

Ohio - Melissa Grimes, Eli Humphries, Tim McKeen, and Andreah
Frenn  PDF

Oklahoma - Matt Schlensker and Justin Fisher  PDF

Pennsylvania - Nathaniel I. Holland, Jon C. Beckman, Benedict J.
Kirchner, and Sarah Quinn  PDF

Tennessee - Gary D. Holland and Westley A. Ketron  PDF

Texas - Don Hueske and Melissa Munson  PDF

Utah - Jim Tartaglia  PDF

Virginia - Zachary H. Barrett  PDF

West Virginia - Andrew Graham  PDF

Wyoming - John R. Chadd  PDF

Sovereign Lands - Melissa Stewart  PDF

Vol. 3, No. 2 (July 2017)

A Collection of Archived Works from the Deans of Oil and Gas Law

Editor's Introduction - Mason W. Smith  PDF

Shale Gas Revolution or Evolution: Opportunities and Challenges for Europe [reprint, first published 2013] - Owen L. Anderson  PDF

The Sisyphean Task of Interpreting Mineral Deeds and Leases: An Encyclopedia of Canons of Construction [reprint, first published 1993] - Bruce M. Kramer  PDF

Analyzing Oil and Gas Farmout Agreements [reprint, first published 1987] - John S. Lowe  PDF

A Modern Look at Implied Covenants to Explore, Develop, and Market Under Mineral Leases [reprint, first published 1976] - Patrick H. Martin  PDF

Pitfalls in Developing Lands Burdened by Non-Participating Royalty: Calculating the Royalty Share and Coexisting with the Duty Owed to the Non-Participating Royalty Owner by the Executive Interest [reprint, first published 1995] - Phillip E. Norvell  PDF

Overlapping Remedies and the Unexpected Termination of Oil and Gas Leases [reprint, first published 2011] - David R. Percy, QC and David McGillivray  PDF

The Renaissance of Law in the Law of Oil and Gas: The Contract Dimension [reprint, first published 2004] - David E. Pierce  PDF

Applying Familiar Concepts to New Technology: Under the Traditional Oil and Gas Lease, a Lessee Does Not Need Pooling Authority to Drill a Horizontal Well That Crosses Lease Lines [reprint, first published 2017] - Ernest E. Smith  PDF

Recent Case Decisions  PDF

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