Current Issues

Volume 71, Number 1 (Autumn 2018)

Symposium: Falsehoods, Fake News, and the First Amendment

Editor’s Introduction - Mitchell B. Bryant   PDF

Panel 1: Falsehoods and the First Amendment

False Speech and the First Amendment - Erwin Chemerinsky   PDF

An Introductory Essay: Old Principles for an (Allegedly) Brave New World - Harry F. Tepker   PDF

Truth, Courage, and Other Human Dispositions: Reflections on Falsehoods and the First Amendment - Jonathan D. Varat   PDF

Lies, Line Drawing, and (Deep) Fake News - Marc Jonathan Blitz   PDF

Panel 2: Election Lies

 (At Least) Thirteen Ways of Looking at Election Lies - Helen Norton   PDF

Legislating Against Lying in Campaigns and Elections - Joshua S. Sellers   PDF

Free Speech and Domain Allocation: A Suggested Framework for Analyzing the Constitutionality of Prohibition of Lies - James Weinstein   PDF

Panel 3: The Brave New World of Free Speech

Forward into the Past: Speech Intermediaries in the Television and Internet Ages - Gregory P. Magarian   PDF

The Right to Receive Foreign Speech - Joseph Thai   PDF

Suing the President for First Amendment Violations - Sonja R. West   PDF

Volume 70, Number 4 (Summer 2018)


Five Little Lessons in Lawyering from Thurgood Marshall - Ross E. Davies   PDF

Shoot First, Litigate Later: Declaratory Judgment Actions, Procedural Fencing, and Itchy Trigger Fingers - Robert T. Sherwin   PDF

FERPA Close-Up: When Video Captures Violence and Injury - Kitty L. Cone and Richard J. Peltz-Steele   PDF

Combating Prosecutorial Misconduct in Closing Arguments - Michael D. Cicchini   PDF


Frontier Feudalism: Agrarian Populism Meets Future Interest Arcana in the Land of Manifest Destiny - Gerard Michael D’Emilio   PDF


Rebuilding Trust? The Sand Creek Massacre and the Federal-Tribal Trust Relationship in Flute v. United States - Alexander Sokolosky   PDF

United States v. Lambis: A Good Call for Cellphones, Cell-site Simulators, and the Fourth Amendment - Kathryn E. Gardner   PDF

Volume 70, Number 3 (Spring 2018)


Taxation of Gamblers: The House Always Wins - Christine Manolakas   PDF

The Commenting Power: Agency Accountability Through Public Participation - Donald J. Kochan   PDF

Punishing Criminals for Their Conduct: A Return to Reason for the Armed Career Criminal Act - Sheldon A. Evans   PDF

Agriculture and Res Ipsa Loquitur - Chad G. Marzen   PDF


Drilling When the Well Goes Dry: The Oklahoma Corporation Commission & the Police Power Exception to the Automatic Stay - Connor R. Bourland   PDF

No Excuses for Charter Schools: How Disproportionate Discipline of Students with Disabilities Violates Federal Law - Johanna F. Roberts   PDF


Vindicating the Effective Vindication Exception: Protecting Federal Statutory Rights in the Employment Context - Colby J. Byrd    PDF

Volume 70, Number 2 (Winter 2018)


Adaptation Nation: Three Pivotal Transitions in American Law & Society Since 1886 - Mariano-Florentino CuĂ©llar   PDF

Deep Pocket Jurisprudence: Where Tort Law Should Draw the Line - Victor E. Schwartz, Phil Goldberg & Christopher E. Appel   PDF

Improving Tax Rules by Means-Testing: Bridging Wealth Inequality and “Ability To Pay” - James M. Puckett   PDF


Waiver, Work Product, and Worry: A Case for Clarifying the Waiver Doctrine in Oklahoma - Mitchell B. Bryant   PDF


Get Off My Porch: United States v. Carloss and the Escalating Dangers of “Knock and Talks” - Skyler K. Sikes   PDF

United States v. Carloss: Should the Police Act like Good Neighbors? - Cole McLanahan   PDF

Volume 70, Number 1 (Fall 2017)

Symposium: Confronting New Market Realities: Implications
for Stockholder Rights to Vote, Sell, and Sue

Introduction - Megan Wischmeier Shaner   PDF

Panel 1: Right to Vote

Shareholder Voting in Proxy Contests for Corporate Control, Uncontested Director Elections and Management Proposals: A Review of the Empirical Literature - Randall S. Thomas and Patrick C. Tricker   PDF

Reevaluating Shareholder Voting Rights in M&A Transactions - Afra Afsharipour   PDF

Panel 2: Right to Sell

The Limits of the Right to Sell and the Rise of Federal Corporate Law - James J. Park   PDF

Selling Crowdfunded Equity: A New Frontier - Joan MacLeod Heminway   PDF

Selling Stock and Selling Legal Claims: Alienability as a Constraint on Managerial
- Charles R. Korsmo   PDF

Panel 3: Right to Sue

The Gatekeepers of Shareholder Litigation - Jessica Erickson   PDF

Objections to Disclosure Settlements: A How-To Guide - Sean J. Griffith and Anthony A. Rickey   PDF

Volume 69, Number 4 (Summer 2017)


Comity, Finality, and Oklahoma’s Lethal Injection Protocol - Jon Yorke  PDF

Can the Undue-Burden Standard add Clarity and Rigor to Intermediate Scrutiny in First Amendment Jurisprudence? A Proposal Cutting Across Constitutional Domains for Time, Place & Manner Regulations - Clay Calvert and Minch Minchin  PDF

The Law of Attorney Fees in Family Law Cases - Robert G. Spector and Carolyn S. Thompson  PDF


The Costly Exercise of Religion: Issues on Diocesan Bankruptcy Estate Formation and First Amendment Implications - Simon W. Bright  PDF

Whose Phone Line Is It Anyway: A Prosecutor’s Guide to Navigating the Evidentiary Gold Mine of Prison Phone Calls - Laura M. Cochran  PDF

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