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Criminal Law and Procedure

If you want to know about a society—Is it good? Is it fair? Is it just?—you cannot but consider its systems of criminal justice. If you want to make a difference in society, you cannot but consider practicing criminal law. This is not to say the practice of criminal law is for everyone. Far from it. The hours can be long. The pressures can be enormous. The pay can be inadequate. The social prestige can be lesser to nonexistent. But the difference you can make is without compare.

The Juris Doctor Program

At OU Law, all students take the basic course in substantive Criminal Law and in Criminal Procedure: Investigation. Those with a commitment to working zealously to make our world a better place through the righting of wrongs, consider a career in criminal justice.

We encourage those of you with an interest to further study police investigation, criminal law, and adjudication, and to work in our clinic representing clients and in an externship working in prosecution, defense, or the judiciary.

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Brenda H. Barnes Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education

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Stephen E. Henderson Judge Haskell A. Holloman Professor of Law

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Kit Johnson Professor of Law

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Matthew C. Kane Adjunct Professor

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Jaye Mendros Adjunct Professor

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Tracy Hresko Pearl Professor of Law

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Connie S. Smothermon Director of Competitions

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Rebekah C. Taylor Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education

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