Current Issues

Volume 76, Number 2 (Winter 2024)

Front Pages   PDF


Non-Human Stakeholders: Testing the Boundaries of Stakeholder Theory - Justin Blount & Michael Conklin   PDF

Market Failure and Censorship in the Marketplace of Ideas - John P. Anderson & Jeremy Kidd   PDF

Tesla, Let Me Fix My Car: The Right to Repair and the Need for a Balance Between Public and Private Enforcement - Emanuele S. Putrino   PDF


Prioritizing Oklahoma Mothers: Recommending Rehabilitation and Recovery Rather than Punishment for Pregnancy - Alex B. Cox   PDF

PFAS, Planes, and Problems: PFAS Regulation in the Aerospace and Aviation Industries - Emery G. Green   PDF


Cyberflashing: Exposing Oklahoma’s Legal Loophole - Sara Wray   PDF

Volume 76, Number 1 (Autumn 2023)

Name, Image, and Likeness in College Sports

Front Pages   PDF


Name, Image, and Likeness Rights in College Sports: Evaluating Year One of Much Overdue Reforms - Marc Edelman   PDF

Name, Image, and Likeness Deals and Immigration Consequences for International Student-Athletes - Eric E. Johnson & Kit Johnson   PDF

A Fine Mess: The NCAA, the Collegiate Model, and the Post-Alston World - Josephine (Jo) R. Potuto   PDF

NCAA v. Board Of Regents 2.0: Potential Antitrust Law Claims Arising from the NCAA’s Regulation of College Athletes’ NIL - Alicia Jessop, Esq.   PDF

The Collective Conundrum - John T. Holden, Thomas A. Baker III & Joanna Wall Tweedie   PDF

NIL: The Title IV Financial Aid Enigma - Kathryn Kisska-Schulze   PDF

Finding Another Way: The NCAA’s Regulation of NIL and Recruiting - Alfred C. Yen   PDF

The NCAA’s Challenge in Determining NIL Market Value - Meg Penrose   PDF

Volume 75, Number 4 (Summer 2023)

Front Pages   PDF


Is a Green Tie Enough? – Truth and Lies in the Courtroom - Jack B. Harrison   PDF

The Work-Life Virus: Working from Home and Its Implications for the Gender Gap and Questions of Intersectionality - Tammy Katsabian   PDF

The Road to Autonomy - Nicole K. McConlogue   PDF


Three Ways to Sit Under a Shady Grove: The Uncertain Future of the Oklahoma Citizens Participation Act in Federal Court - Nicholas Rinehart   PDF

Not So Clear and Plain: Exploring the Circuit Split on the Applicability of Federal Labor & Employment Laws to Tribes - Logan C. Hibbs   PDF

A Week to Prep, Two Minutes to Talk, and Two Days to Move: Why Oklahoma’s Eviction Courts Are Out of Step with the Constitution - Adam H. Hines   PDF

Volume 75, Number 3 (Spring 2023)

Front Pages   PDF


Law License Reciprocity’s Discriminatory Exclusion of Working Mothers - Sarah W. Keller   PDF

Odd Man Out: The Survival of Junior Lien Strip-Offs in Chapter 13 Following the Caulkett Decision - Theresa J. Pulley Radwan   PDF

Rights, Power, and Inequality - Bryan H. Druzin   PDF

The Wire Fraud Boom - Yakov Malkiel   PDF


Britney’s Prerogative: A Critical, Constitutional View of Conservatorships - Devraat Awasthi   PDF

Critical Erase Theory: The Assault on Public School Curriculum - Brooks R. Cain   PDF

Equal Pay for Equal Play: How the USWNT Battle for Equality Highlights the Shortcomings of Equal Pay Jurisprudence - Lindsey Gonzalez   PDF

Volume 75, Number 2 (Winter 2023)

Front Pages   PDF


Necessary Necessity: Courts’ Historical Assessment of the Condition Precedent for Martial Law - Eric Merriam   PDF

The Server Test Quandary and Embedding Permission Culture - Michael P. Goodyear   PDF


Sincerity, Subjectivity & Religion: The Evolution of RFRA from a Constitutional Shield to a Political Sword - Emily Kathryn Tubb   PDF


Driver Immunity Laws: Why They Are More Dangerous Than You Think - Kaleigh Ewing   PDF

Legitimate State Interest or Educational Censorship: The Chilling Effect of Oklahoma House Bill 1775 - Jennie A. Hill   PDF

Volume 75, Number 1 (Autumn 2022)

Ending Mass Incarceration: Philosophy, Practice, and Policy

Front Pages   PDF

Foreword: Ending Mass Incarceration - Guha Krishnamurthi   PDF


Nonfatal Death Sentences - Jacob Bronsther   PDF

Redundant Leniency and Redundant Punishment in Prosecutorial Reforms - Stephanie Holmes Didwania   PDF

The Inherent Problem with Mass Incarceration - Raff Donelson   PDF

Getting to “Prisoner as Neighbor” - Avlana K. Eisenberg   PDF

Movement Constitutionalism - Brandon Hasbrouck   PDF

The Efficiency Mindset and Mass Incarceration - Thea Johnson   PDF

A Second Look for Children Sentenced to Die in Prison - Kathryn E. Miller   PDF

Disability, Policing, and Punishment: An Intersectional Approach - Jamelia Morgan   PDF

Volume 74, Number 4 (Summer 2022)

A Life’s Work: In Memory of Professor Jonathan B. Forman

Front Pages   PDF

Opened Doors: A Tribute to Jon Forman - Katheleen Guzman   PDF


Reducing Administrative Burdens to Protect Taxpayer Rights - Leslie Book, T. Keith Fogg & Nina E. Olson   PDF

Taxation of Tort Damages - Patricia A. Cain   PDF

Conflicts and Opportunities for Pension Fiduciaries in the ESG Environment - Susan N. Gary   PDF

Calculating “Income” for Domestic Support Obligations in the Wake of the COVID-19
- Kimberly S. Krieg & Stephanie L. Tang   PDF

Making a Life’s Work - Roberta F. Mann   PDF


Bringing Down Big Data: A Call for Federal Data Privacy Legislation - Madeline M. Cook   PDF

Restraints of the Body or of the Mind: Conflicting Interpretations of the Physical Restraint Sentencing Enhancement - Heather Crabill   PDF


Money, Money, Money: Revenue Is Funny in a McGirt World - Amy Oltmanns   PDF

Volume 74, Number 3 (Spring 2022)

Front Pages   PDF


Against Corporate Activism: Examining the Use of Corporate Speech to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility - W.C. Bunting   PDF

How El Salvador Has Changed U.S. Law by a Bit: The Consequences for the UCC of Bitcoin Becoming Legal Tender - Brian M. McCall   PDF

Simplifying Choice-of-Law Interest Analysis - Luke Meier   PDF

Housing Injustice and the Summary Eviction Process: Beyond Lindsey v. Normet - Kathryn Ramsey Mason   PDF


Software v. Software: How Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Threatens to Undermine Antitrust Law - Bailey S. Barnes   PDF

TikTok, WeChat, and National Security: Toward a U.S. Data Privacy Framework - Robert L. Rembert   PDF


Establishing a Right to Last Rites: Examining Death Row Inmates’ Right to Clergy Presence in the Execution Chamber in Gutierrez v. Saenz - Sarah B. Conley   PDF

Volume 74, Number 2 (Winter 2022)

Front Pages   PDF


Accidental Wiretaps: The Implications of False Positives by Always-Listening Devices for Privacy Law & Policy - Lindsey Barrett & Ilaria Liccardi   PDF

Implied Warranties v. Express Specifications Under the Uniform Commercial Code - David S. Coale & Michael P. Lynn   PDF


A Whole Sale or Wholesaling: Regulating the Wild West of Real Estate Purchase Contract Resale - Rebecca Braun-Harrison   PDF

Periodic Leave: An Analysis of Menstrual Leave as a Legal Workplace Benefit - Hilary H. Price   PDF


“The Customer Is Always Right”: Consumer Perception for “” Trademarks - Sarah M. Simpson (Oliver)   PDF

Volume 74, Number 1 (Autumn 2021)

Symposium: Privacy in a Pandemic: How Employers, Insurers,
and Government Actors Collect and Use Your Data

Front Pages   PDF

Employees with Intellectual Disabilities During the Covid-19 Pandemic: New Directions for Disability Anti-Discrimination Law? - Leslie P. Francis   PDF

Becoming Visible - Jennifer Bennett Shinall   PDF

A Virtuous Circle: How Health Solidarity Could Prompt Recalibration of Privacy and Improve Data and Research - Nicolas P. Terry & Christine Coughlin   PDF

Volume 73, Number 4 (Summer 2021)

Front Pages   PDF


Pleadings in a Pandemic: The Role, Regulation, and Redesign of Eviction Court Documents - Daniel W. Bernal   PDF

Cyber Due Diligence - Eric Talbot Jensen & Sean Watts   PDF

Ruling Outer Space: Defining the Boundary and Determining Jurisdictional Authority - Alex S. Li   PDF


Lemons, Legislatures, and Liberties: The Constitutionality of Prayer at Public School Board Meetings - Kaitlyn M. Huelskamp   PDF


All Public, No Benefit: Holding Oklahoma Public Benefit Corporations Accountable - Nicholas A. Muñoz   PDF

Knick v. Township of Scott: Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Give the Takings Clause a Bone - Gatlin Squires   PDF

Volume 73, Number 3 (Spring 2021)

Front Pages   PDF


Intolerable Asymmetry and Uncertainty: Congress Should Right the Wrongs of the Civil Rights Act of 1991- William R. Corbett   PDF

Changing the Face of College Sports One Tax Return at a Time - Kathryn Kisska-Schulze & Adam Epstein    PDF


Failing to Protect Public Employees’ First Amendment Rights: The Need for a Presumption of Public Concern for Truthful Testimony - Anna H. McNeil  PDF

Montgomery v. Airbus Helicopters, Inc.: Oklahoma’s Ostensible Destruction of Stream-of-Commerce Personal Jurisdiction - Morgan E. Vastag  PDF

Reading Between the (Surplus) Lines: Genzer v. James River Insurance Co. and the Tenth Circuit Loosening the Hold of Ridesharing Insurance Policy - William W. Whitehurst   PDF

Volume 73, Number 2 (Winter 2021)

Front Pages   PDF


Attribution Time: Cal Tinney’s 1937 Quip, “A Switch in Time’ll Save Nine” - John Q. Barrett   PDF

Stare Decisis Is for Pirates - Jesse D.H. Snyder    PDF

The End of the War on Drugs, the Peace Dividend and the Renewed Fourth Amendment? - Michael Vitiello   PDF


The Shifting Definition: The Clean Water Act, “Waters of the United States,” and the Impact on Agriculture - Hammons P. Hepner  PDF

Avoiding Flights of Fancy: Determining Venue for Crimes Committed During Commercial Flights - Allyson Shumaker  PDF


The First Amendment Has Entered the Chat: Oklahoma’s Cyberharassment Law - Trae Havens   PDF

Volume 73, Number 1 (Autumn 2020)

Symposium: Drawing the Line: Modern Sexual Conflicts and the Law

Front Pages   PDF

Introduction: Three Cohorts’ Vulnerabilities on the Issue of Sexual Consent - Anita Bernstein   PDF

Standing In Between Sexual Violence Victims and Access to Justice: The Limits of Title IX - Hannah Brenner Johnson   PDF

Title IX and Official Policy Liability: Maximizing the Law’s Potential to Hold Education Institutions Accountable for Their Responses to Sexual Misconduct - Erin E. Buzuvis   PDF

Discriminatory Dualism in Process: Title IX, Reverse Title IX, and Campus Sexual Assault - Sarah L. Swan   PDF

Rape Exceptionalism Returns to California: Institutionalizing a Credibility Discount for College Students Reporting Sexual Misconduct - Kelly Alison Behre   PDF

Due Process Overbreadth? The Void for Vagueness Doctrine, Fundamental Rights, and the Brewing Storm over Undefined Consent in Sexual Assault Statutes - Donald A. Dripps   PDF

Unconditional Coercion and Positive Autonomy - Russell Christopher   PDF

Institutionalizing Consent Myths in Grade School - Shawn E. Fields   PDF

Victim Impact Statements and Corporate Sex Crimes - Erin Sheley   PDF

Volume 72, Number 4 (Summer 2020)

Front Pages   PDF


A Non-Compete Case Is an Antitrust Case: An Analysis of Oklahoma’s Post-Employment Restraint Law - John F. Fischer   PDF

Anticipating Procedural Innovation: How and When Parties Calibrate Procedure Through Contract - Henry Allen Blair    PDF

Citing Sisters: A Study of the Oklahoma Appellate Courts - Lee F. Peoples   PDF


A Former Senator’s Guide to Professional Responsibility: RPC 8.4 and the Appearance of Impropriety in Retainer Fees and Politics - Michael S. Morgan  PDF


Innocent but Incarcerated: Reforming Oklahoma’s Criminal Pretrial Procedures to Combat Discrimination Against Indigent Defendants - Bailey Betz   PDF

Shook: Litigation, Regulation, and Legislation Strategies to Better Protect Oklahoma’s Earthquake Insurance Policyholders - Nick A. Marr   PDF

The Threshold Question: Oklahoma’s Taxing Task After South Dakota v. Wayfair - Jonathan Rogers   PDF

Volume 72, Number 3 (Spring 2020)

Front Pages   PDF


Trust the Process: Understanding Procedural Standing Under Spokeo - Jon Romberg   PDF

Reform Prosecutors and Separation of Powers - Logan Sawyer    PDF

The Erosion of Publisher Liability in American Law, Section 230, and the Future of Online Curation - Brent Skorup & Jennifer Huddleston   PDF


The Disability Dilemma: Difficulties Involving ERISA Claims for Subjective-Proof Diseases - Courtney D. Keeling   PDF


Facebook and the Future of Fair Housing Online - Jacob Parker Black   PDF

New Prime Inc. v. Oliveira: Putting the Wheels Back on the FAA’s Section 1 Exemption for Transportation Workers - Reed C. Trechter   PDF

Volume 72, Number 2 (Winter 2020)

Front Pages   PDF


“Importing” Restrictions from One Federal Rule of Evidence Provision to Another: The Limits of Legitimate Contextual Interpretation in the Age of Statutes - Edward J. Imwinkelried   PDF

Jury Trial Disparities Between Class Actions and Shareholder Derivative Actions in State Courts - Ann M. Scarlett   PDF

Is Barrios the Death Knell of Bosh Claims? The Sovereign Immunity Battle Between the Oklahoma Supreme Court and Legislature over Constitutional Torts - Hayley Stillwell   PDF


Into the Weeds of the Newest Field in Employment Law: The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act - Brennan T. Barger   PDF

Winning the Waiting Game: How Oklahoma Can Rectify the Discrepancy Between Its No-Impeachment Rule and Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado - Ryan D. Brown   PDF

Growing Pains: Using Racketeering Law to Protect Property Rights from State-Sanctioned Marijuana Operations - Marci J. Gracey   PDF

Title VII’s Deficiencies Affect #MeToo: A Look at Three Ways Title VII Continues to Fail America’s Workforce - Taylor J. Freeman Peshehonoff   PDF

Volume 72, Number 1 (Autumn 2019)

Symposium: Lawyering in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Front Pages   PDF

Should Robots Prosecute and Defend? - Stephen E. Henderson   PDF

The Promise and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law - W. Bradley Wendel   PDF

Artificial Wisdom? A Potential Limit on AI in Law (and Elsewhere) - Joshua P. Davis   PDF

Online Legal Document Providers and the Public Interest: Using a Certification Approach to Balance Access to Justice and Public Protection - Susan Saab Fortney   PDF

Minding the Gaps in Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct - Anita Bernstein   PDF

AI/Esq.: Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Lawyer-Client Relationships - Chris Chambers Goodman   PDF

The Future Is ̶B̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ Complicated: AI, Apps & Access to Justice - Emily S. Taylor Poppe   PDF

When Robots Make Legal Mistakes - Susan C. Morse   PDF

Volume 71, Number 4 (Summer 2019)

Front Pages   PDF


Private Eyes, They're Watching You: Law Enforcement’s Monitoring of Social Media - Rachel Levinson-Waldman   PDF

Relational Preferences in Chapter 11 Proceedings - Brook E. Gotberg   PDF

The Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision and the Clash Between Nondiscrimination and Religious Freedom - Klint W. Alexander, Ph.D, J.D.   PDF

Detaining ISIS: Habeas and the Phantom Menace - Ernesto Hernández-López   PDF


Are They Dangerous Yet?: The Foreseeability of Dangerousness in Oklahoma’s Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Law and Its Implications for Patient Due Process Rights - Sarah K. Capps   PDF

Debt Collectors Allowed to Play Hide and Hope Nobody Seeks: Midland Funding, LLC v. Johnson and the Future of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Allison Meinders   PDF

Prosecuting Fatal Speech: What Minnesota’s State v. Final Exit Network Means for Assisted-Suicide Laws Across the Country - Anthony W. Joyce   PDF

Volume 71, Number 3 (Spring 2019)

Front Pages   PDF


Inefficient Litigation over Forum: The Unintended Consequence of the JVCA’s “Bad Faith” Exception to the Bar on Removal of Diversity Cases After One Year - E. Farish Percy   PDF

The Disappointing History of Science in the Courtroom: Frye, Daubert, and the Ongoing Crisis of “Junk Science” in Criminal Trials - Jim Hilbert   PDF

Dispute Resolution Neutrals’ Ethical Obligation to Support Measured Transparency - Nancy A. Welsh   PDF

Punishing Families for Being Poor: How Child Protection Interventions Threaten the Right to Parent While Impoverished - David Pimentel   PDF


The Duty Dilemma: When the Duty to Mitigate Damages and the Duty to Preserve Evidence Collide - Collen L. Steffen   PDF


The Near Impossibility of Pleading Falsity of Opinion Statements Under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 - J. Cooper Davis   PDF

Finding Prejudice from Lost ESI: An Analysis of Courts’ Standards Under Amended Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e) - Thomas J. Joyce   PDF

Volume 71, Number 2 (Winter 2019)

Front Pages   PDF


Retrenchment, Temporary-Effect Legislation, and the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction - Victoria J. Haneman   PDF

“The Internet of Buildings”: Insurance of Cyber Risks for Commercial Real Estate - Thomas D. Hunt   PDF

Let My Arm Be Broken Off at the Elbow - Chad J. Pomeroy   PDF


How to Raise Money: State Question 640, Revenue Bills, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court - Paul Anthony Tortorici   PDF


Subdued Process: Onyx Properties LLC v. Board of County Commissioners of Elbert County and the Removal of “Property” from the Due Process Clause - Alan Fonseca  PDF

Schnedler v. Lee: Some (Re)Assembly Required - Victoria Johnson   PDF

Bandimere v. SEC: Significant Authority Exists Without Finality - Abbey Zuech   PDF

Volume 71, Number 1 (Autumn 2018)

Symposium: Falsehoods, Fake News, and the First Amendment

Editor’s Introduction - Mitchell B. Bryant   PDF

Panel 1: Falsehoods and the First Amendment

False Speech and the First Amendment - Erwin Chemerinsky   PDF

An Introductory Essay: Old Principles for an (Allegedly) Brave New World - Harry F. Tepker   PDF

Truth, Courage, and Other Human Dispositions: Reflections on Falsehoods and the First Amendment - Jonathan D. Varat   PDF

Lies, Line Drawing, and (Deep) Fake News - Marc Jonathan Blitz   PDF

Panel 2: Election Lies

 (At Least) Thirteen Ways of Looking at Election Lies - Helen Norton   PDF

Legislating Against Lying in Campaigns and Elections - Joshua S. Sellers   PDF

Free Speech and Domain Allocation: A Suggested Framework for Analyzing the Constitutionality of Prohibition of Lies - James Weinstein   PDF

Panel 3: The Brave New World of Free Speech

Forward into the Past: Speech Intermediaries in the Television and Internet Ages - Gregory P. Magarian   PDF

The Right to Receive Foreign Speech - Joseph Thai   PDF

Suing the President for First Amendment Violations - Sonja R. West   PDF

Volume 70, Number 4 (Summer 2018)


Five Little Lessons in Lawyering from Thurgood Marshall - Ross E. Davies   PDF

Shoot First, Litigate Later: Declaratory Judgment Actions, Procedural Fencing, and Itchy Trigger Fingers - Robert T. Sherwin   PDF

FERPA Close-Up: When Video Captures Violence and Injury - Kitty L. Cone and Richard J. Peltz-Steele   PDF

Combating Prosecutorial Misconduct in Closing Arguments - Michael D. Cicchini   PDF


Frontier Feudalism: Agrarian Populism Meets Future Interest Arcana in the Land of Manifest Destiny - Gerard Michael D’Emilio   PDF


Rebuilding Trust? The Sand Creek Massacre and the Federal-Tribal Trust Relationship in Flute v. United States - Alexander Sokolosky   PDF

United States v. Lambis: A Good Call for Cellphones, Cell-site Simulators, and the Fourth Amendment - Kathryn E. Gardner   PDF

Volume 70, Number 3 (Spring 2018)


Taxation of Gamblers: The House Always Wins - Christine Manolakas   PDF

The Commenting Power: Agency Accountability Through Public Participation - Donald J. Kochan   PDF

Punishing Criminals for Their Conduct: A Return to Reason for the Armed Career Criminal Act - Sheldon A. Evans   PDF

Agriculture and Res Ipsa Loquitur - Chad G. Marzen   PDF


Drilling When the Well Goes Dry: The Oklahoma Corporation Commission & the Police Power Exception to the Automatic Stay - Connor R. Bourland   PDF

No Excuses for Charter Schools: How Disproportionate Discipline of Students with Disabilities Violates Federal Law - Johanna F. Roberts   PDF


Vindicating the Effective Vindication Exception: Protecting Federal Statutory Rights in the Employment Context - Colby J. Byrd    PDF

Volume 70, Number 2 (Winter 2018)


Adaptation Nation: Three Pivotal Transitions in American Law & Society Since 1886 - Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar   PDF

Deep Pocket Jurisprudence: Where Tort Law Should Draw the Line - Victor E. Schwartz, Phil Goldberg & Christopher E. Appel   PDF

Improving Tax Rules by Means-Testing: Bridging Wealth Inequality and “Ability To Pay” - James M. Puckett   PDF


Waiver, Work Product, and Worry: A Case for Clarifying the Waiver Doctrine in Oklahoma - Mitchell B. Bryant   PDF


Get Off My Porch: United States v. Carloss and the Escalating Dangers of “Knock and Talks” - Skyler K. Sikes   PDF

United States v. Carloss: Should the Police Act like Good Neighbors? - Cole McLanahan   PDF

Volume 70, Number 1 (Fall 2017)

Symposium: Confronting New Market Realities: Implications
for Stockholder Rights to Vote, Sell, and Sue

Introduction - Megan Wischmeier Shaner   PDF

Panel 1: Right to Vote

Shareholder Voting in Proxy Contests for Corporate Control, Uncontested Director Elections and Management Proposals: A Review of the Empirical Literature - Randall S. Thomas and Patrick C. Tricker   PDF

Reevaluating Shareholder Voting Rights in M&A Transactions - Afra Afsharipour   PDF

Panel 2: Right to Sell

The Limits of the Right to Sell and the Rise of Federal Corporate Law - James J. Park   PDF

Selling Crowdfunded Equity: A New Frontier - Joan MacLeod Heminway   PDF

Selling Stock and Selling Legal Claims: Alienability as a Constraint on Managerial
- Charles R. Korsmo   PDF

Panel 3: Right to Sue

The Gatekeepers of Shareholder Litigation - Jessica Erickson   PDF

Objections to Disclosure Settlements: A How-To Guide - Sean J. Griffith and Anthony A. Rickey   PDF

Volume 69, Number 4 (Summer 2017)


Comity, Finality, and Oklahoma’s Lethal Injection Protocol - Jon Yorke  PDF

Can the Undue-Burden Standard add Clarity and Rigor to Intermediate Scrutiny in First Amendment Jurisprudence? A Proposal Cutting Across Constitutional Domains for Time, Place & Manner Regulations - Clay Calvert and Minch Minchin  PDF

The Law of Attorney Fees in Family Law Cases - Robert G. Spector and Carolyn S. Thompson  PDF


The Costly Exercise of Religion: Issues on Diocesan Bankruptcy Estate Formation and First Amendment Implications - Simon W. Bright  PDF

Whose Phone Line Is It Anyway: A Prosecutor’s Guide to Navigating the Evidentiary Gold Mine of Prison Phone Calls - Laura M. Cochran  PDF

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