OLR Editors and Candidates for 2019-2020

Editorial Board:
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan L. Rogers
Managing Editor: Taylor Freeman Peshehonoff
Executive Articles Editor: Bailey Betz
Articles Editors: Ryan D. Brown, Jacob M. Downs, and Karson J. Katz
Note and Comment Editors: Jacob P. Black, Courtney D. Keeling, and Nick Marr

Appointed Editors:
Assistant Articles Editors: Connor Lane Ballinger, Evan J. Crumpley, Matthew Nieman, Reed C. Trechter, Grayson Powell Walker, and Allyson Wilcox
Assistant Managing Editors: Brennan T. Barger, Cooper E. Eppes, Marci J. Gracey, Justin Mai, Heather Swinburne Talley, and Isaac Z. Treadaway
Judiciary Committee: Evan J. Crumpley, Grant Scowden, and Austin Sheehy
Research Editor and Candidate Mentor: Sierra L. White
Symposium Editor: JD Weiss
Staff Editors: Natalie M. Jester and Austin Sheehy
Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor: Reed C. Trechter

Candidates for Membership:
Steven Amrein, Sydney Barrett, Samuel Black, Diane Doh, Amanda Finch, Caroline Graham, Trae Havens, Hammons Hepner, Tanner Herrmann, Kaitlyn Huelskamp, Heather Huff, Arron Kidder, Maeve P. Lindsey, Wyatt McGuire, Anna McNeil, Jennie Mook, Nicholas Munoz, Anamayan Narendran, Motahareh Nickel, Austin Ray, Allyson Shumaker, Angela Sorensen, Gatlin Squires, Jordan Stroh, Lauren Swinney, Morgan Vastag, and Will Whitehurst

OLR Editors and Candidates for 2018-19

Editorial Board:
Editor-in-Chief: Collen L. Steffen
Managing Editor: Katherine M. Raunikar
Executive Articles Editor: Alan Fonseca
Articles Editors: Sarah K. Capps, Anthony W. Joyce, and Thomas J. Joyce
Note and Comment Editors: Victoria Johnson, Eric Krampf, and Allison Meinders

Appointed Editors:
Assistant Articles Editors: Becky Bryan, Cooper Davis, Jake Martin, Maegan Murdock, Shelby Rice, and Matt Stott
Assistant Managing Editors: Jim John, Wil Norton, Ashley Ray, Chris Slocum, Paul Tortorici, and Scottie Verplank
Judiciary Committee: Jake Martin, Ashlyn Smith, and Matt Stott
Research Editor and Candidate Mentor: Phoebe Mitchell
Symposium Editor: Hayley Parker
Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor: Shelby Rice
Staff Editors: Amanda Broussard and Chris Slocum

Candidates for Membership:
Connor L. Ballinger, Brennan T. Barger, Bailey Betz, Jacob P. Black, Ryan D. Brown, Evan J. Crumpley, Diane Doh, Jacob M. Downs, Cooper E. Eppes, Marci J. Gracey, Natalie M. Jester, Karson J. Katz, Maeve P. Lindsey, Micah G. Mahdi, Justin M. Mai, Nick Marr, Matthew  T. Neiman, Taylor J. Freeman Peshehonoff, Jonathan L. Rogers, Grant P. Scowden, Austin Sheehy​​​​​​​, Heather S. Talley, Isaac Z. Treadaway​​​​​​​, Reed C. Trechter​​​​​​​, Grayson P. Walker, Sean C. Wallis, Joseph D. Weiss, Courtney D. West, Sierra L. White, Allyson L. Wilcox, and Abbey D. Zuech

OLR Editors and Candidates for 2017-18

Editorial Board:
Editor-in-Chief: Mitchell B. Bryant
Managing Editor: Eleanor C. Burg
Executive Articles Editor: Cole McLanahan
Articles Editors: Gerard Michael D’Emilio, Devin L. Kerns, and Jennifer B. Puckett
Note and Comment Editors: Colby J. Byrd, Joshua R. Fanelli, and Alexander Sokolosky

Appointed Editors:
Assistant Articles Editors: Kaitlyn E. DeYoung, Kathryn E. Gardner, David R. Herber, Kellie R. Reidlinger, Peter A. Shadid, and Skyler K. Sikes
Assistant Managing Editors: K. Christine Chevis, Lauren K. Clifton, Emilee N. Crowther, Ty E. Schoenhals, and Michael P. Whaley
Judiciary Committee: Johanna F. Roberts, Emilee N. Crowther, and David R. Herber
Research Editor and Candidate Mentor: Connor R. Bourland
Symposium Editor: Elizabeth M. Byrne
Assistant Symposium Editor: Gunner B. Joyce
Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor: Kathryn E. Gardner

Candidates for Membership: 
Amanda R. Broussard, Rebecca A. Bryan, Sarah Katherine Capps, J. Cooper Davis, Alan A. Fonseca, Jim V. John, Victoria A. Johnson, Thomas J. Joyce, Anthony W. Joyce, Eric Krampf, Micah G. Mahdi, Jake R. Martin, Allison Meinders, Phoebe Bess Mitchell, Maegan Murdock, R. Wil Norton, Hayley N. K. Parker, Katherine M. Raunikar, Ashley M. Ray, Shelby L. Rice, Christofer R. Slocum, Ashlyn Smith, Collen L. Steffen, Matthew Giovanni Stott, Paul A. Tortorici, Scott R. Verplank, Sean C. Wallis, Abbey D. Zuech

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