University of Oklahoma College of Law Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with LiquidText

January 26, 2024

“Paper’s user interface hasn’t been updated since Gutenberg.”

That’s the claim of LiquidText founder and CEO Craig Tashman.

Now, however, LiquidText’s next-generation document reader and annotator offers University of Oklahoma Law students the chance to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

“This partnership with LiquidText represents a significant step forward in our mission to prepare future lawyers for a technologically advanced legal landscape,” said Sean Harrington, Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation in Practice. “By integrating LiquidText’s innovative document analysis capabilities with our robust digital platform, we are uniquely positioned to offer a legal education that is both cutting-edge and practical.” 

“This collaboration underscores OU Law’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into legal education and practice,” he said.

Tashman said the app revolutionizes the way legal professionals interact with documents. It has garnered acclaim for its revolutionary approach to document interaction and was honored as Apple's "Most Innovative iPad App of the Year" and an "Editor's Choice" on the App Store and has also achieved recognition at the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022.

“If you’re a lawyer, working with complex documents, you’re going to save hours and hours,” he said.

As the only Apple Distinguished Law School in North America, OU Law stands at the forefront of technological innovation in legal education. This partnership enhances this position by providing LiquidText to all students, faculty, and staff at the College of Law. 

LiquidText offers an unparalleled experience in document reading, notetaking and management, making it a tool of choice for legal professionals globally. It is used extensively by lawyers and knowledge intensive professions across the United States and internationally, including prestigious institutions like the European Patent Office and the Supreme Court of India. 

“The days of paper documents are rapidly coming to an end,” said Kenton Brice, director of the OU Law Library. “More and more, lawyers are going to be working with digital documents and they have to have the tools and the training to make the best of new technologies.”

“The integration of LiquidText into our program is a natural and strategic fit, offering our community the latest in document handling technology,” he said. 

As part of this partnership, OU Law’s Digital Initiative will provide comprehensive hands-on training and onboarding for LiquidText.

“Our goal is to ensure that every member of our community is proficient in utilizing this technology to its full potential, enhancing both their academic and professional legal endeavors.”



About LiquidText

With more than 6 million downloads and named by Apple as a “Most Innovative iPad App of the Year,” LiquidText is a revolutionary active reading, note-taking and document analysis platform for iPad Windows and Mac users.  It is the first productivity app to win the coveted Editors Choice from both Apple and Microsoft’s app stores.  LiquidText allows users to capture their reading, notes, highlights, annotations, and observations just like they would have on paper and allows for connection between document contents and notes and within and among multiple documents and notes. From these connections users get visual hyperlinks that call out the connections at a touch. LiquidText helps users see these relationships along with relevant source context. Collaborators and reviewers see not only results, but the network of interrelated sources, observations and notes which support the author’s conclusions with transparency and clarity. LiquidText offers a unified workspace with integrated workflows and an intuitive interface.  For more information, visit  



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