Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer to be a Competitions Judge

Each year, law students compete in various intra-school and interscholastic competitions hosted by the Board of Advocates. In general, the BOA hosts the upper division Daugherty Moot Court Competition and the BOA All-School Negotiation Competition each fall. We also host the first year Moot Court Competition in the spring. Each year we host one or more competitions involving competitors from schools around the U.S. These competitions range from moot court, trial, and skills competitions like Arbitration or Client Counseling. Many of the competitions take place on the weekends, although some rounds are held in the evenings during the work week.  Judges provide valuable feedback and encouragement to competitors. Judges are needed for all competitions, and the BOA will send a packet of information and guidelines for judging prior to the competition. If you would like to volunteer as a judge, please email Taylor Peshehonoff at tfreepesh@ou.edu.