Chase Maxwell joined the OU College of Law in March of 2020. Chase's entry into OU Law was interesting because he started one week before the majority of the nation went into quarantine over the COVID-19 Pandemic. Regardless, Chase has enjoyed navigating his entry into OU Law and getting to know the esteemed faculty and staff that work alongside him. He views his job as a high privilege and distinct honor.

Hopeful of the future, Chase is ready to begin this academic year with a fresh start of student's faces to get to know and help. However, not all faces will be new to Chase. He has spent the last ten years of his life either participating in or developing various legal advocacy programs. In so doing, Chase has had the opportunity to meet a plethora of talented young aspiring attorneys, including many of the students already at OU Law. He plans to continue his work of advocacy and legal outreach while advancing the goals of OU Law.