Our LL.M. in Healthcare Law will give you the expertise to represent clients in diverse health law matters.
Excel in legal, industry, and government settings through our accelerated 15-month program.

Program Details


Our program focuses on healthcare delivery’s legal, regulatory, political, ethical, and economic aspects. The LL.M. offers a comprehensive study of health law topics, including the structure of healthcare institutions, health information management, fraud and abuse, transactions, contracts and billing, liability sources, HIPAA, privacy, and compliance.


The objectives of the Online LL.M. in Healthcare Law program include the following:

  • Analyze major federal and state statutes, regulations, government advisory opinions, judicial opinions, and health law and policy initiatives.
  • Understand the past and present regulations of healthcare access, cost, quality, liability, organization, and finance.
  • Understand the behaviors and activities of individual and institutional healthcare providers and public and private payers that can lead to civil, administrative, and criminal sanctions.
  • Conduct legal research involving federal and state laws and policies impacting patients, insureds, and human research subjects in the United States.  
  • Examine the relationship between individual and public health, including current issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Course List

Our curriculum provides advanced legal education in healthcare law for those with a J.D. degree or equivalent degree from outside the United States. You will choose 24 hours from the courses listed below. 

Note: LL.M. students may substitute three hours with a College of Law J.D. or Directed Legal Research course with permission of the Faculty Lead.

Courses   Credits
LAW 5902 - Introduction to the American Legal System 2
LAW 6102 - Structure of Health Care Enterprises: Legal Forms, Governance, and Relationships 2
LAW 6132 - Quality Control: Licensing, Accreditation, and Quality Regulation 2
LAW 6182 - Coding and Billing 2
LAW 6153 - Overview of Public Health Care Programs 3
LAW 6122 - Regulation of Private Health Insurance – Managed Care 2
LAW 6173 - Fraud and Abuse/False Claims 3
LAW 6162 - Health Information Management 2
LAW 6192 - Anti-Trust Issues in Healthcare Delivery 2
LAW 6152 - HIPAA/Patient Privacy 2
LAW 6172 - Health Care Transactions and Contracts 2
LAW 6142 - Professional Relationships in Health Care Enterprises 2
LAW 6112 - Sources and Types of Liability of Healthcare Institutions and Professionals 2
LAW 6183 - Experiencing a Simulated Investigation 3

Step Up Your Career

Once you have completed the program, you will be prepared to work in large and boutique law firms, healthcare delivery organizations, pharmaceutical companies, public and private payors, public health authorities, and federal and state enforcement agencies.

Months to Earn Your Degree
credit hours

Get to Know Your Faculty

Your instructors are practicing attorneys in the healthcare field, doctors, nurses, and people who care about the well-being of others. They know the industry and are ready to pass on their unique expertise.