The LL.M. in Indigenous Peoples Law was created for practicing attorneys by the Native American Law Faculty at OU.
As a student in this program, you will acquire broad knowledge to help clients navigate the complexities of Federal Indian Law.

Program Details


The LL.M. Indigenous Peoples Law program is designed for lawyers seeking additional knowledge in Federal Indian Law. You’ll be exposed to advanced legal education focused on natural resources, criminal jurisdiction, gaming law, and the Indian Child Welfare Act.


These are the degree and course requirements essential for success in this program:

  • Attend classes as a full-time or part-time student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law 
  • Complete 24 units of credit over two semesters of study, subject to possible extension for cause 
  • Complete 12 hours of courses in the area of Indigenous Peoples Law and approved electives 
  • Take a two-credit class in American Legal Systems 
  • Take a two-credit class on Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis (for international students only) 
  • Take three courses listed as (Core) courses 
  • File an official application for graduation. 

Course List

  • LSI-5622 History of Federal Indian Law and Policy-Part I
  • LSI-5632 History of Federal Indian Law and Policy-Part II
  • LSI-5603 Native American Natural Resources
  • LSI-5623 Religion, Culture & Indian Law
  • LSI-5613 Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country
  • LSI-5653 Civil Jurisdiction in Indian Country
  • LSI-5643 International Indigenous Peoples Law
  • LSI-5673 Indian Gaming Laws & Regulations
  • LSI-5693 Indian Child Welfare Act & Family Law in Indian Country
  • LSI-5663 Water law in Indian Country

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Join this vibrant and growing field of law with a program that’s designed specifically for working professionals by leaders in the Indian Law field.

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Get to Know Your Faculty

Your instructors are practicing attorneys in the field of indigenous law and members of indigenous tribes. They're experts in all matters of federal and tribal law, gaming laws, environmental law, and more.

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Lindsay Robertson , Chickasaw Nation Endowed Chair in Native American Law Emeritus

Over the course of a semester, I get to watch the students go from having little to no knowledge about a subject matter area, to being in a position to educate their future employers about these same areas.