The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chapter at OU Law (SALDF OU Law) is supported by the national animal protection organization, Animal Legal Defense Fund.
Animal Legal Defense Fund

Our mission is to educate the student body about the field of animal law and animal advocacy. We are a voice for non-human animals and advocate for a future where people view all animals as individuals and not objects. We serve 100% plant-based food at every event, and we strive to live lives that harm animals less.

Our chapter hosts bi-monthly events that include interactive discussions, guest speakers (such as animal rights attorneys and undercover investigators), and documentary screenings. Our chapter spearheaded the first Animal Law class at OU Law, which is taught by the infamous Will Lowrey. We also participate in events with the OBA Animal Law section and The Kirkpatrick Foundation.

We are a politically and ideologically diverse group because we believe everyone has the capacity to care about animals. This organization is for people who want to make the world a better place and minimize unnecessary suffering of human and non-human animals. This organization is also for students who are just curious to learn more!