The Victim Advocacy Program (VAP) is a group of pro-bono volunteers who help women, men, and children who are the victims of physical or emotional abuse, domestic violence and/or stalking fill out Victim Protective Orders. Members of this organization sit outside of Judge Napoli’s courtroom at the Cleveland County Courthouse and assist anyone who needs help (either sent directly from Judge Napoli or the Court Clerk) with filling out these Protective Orders. A Victim Protective Order (VPO) is an order that can be used to help stop violent and harassing behavior and to protect individuals and their family members from the person causing them harm. A VPO may be issued when a person is a victim of (1) domestic abuse, (2) stalking, or (3) harassment. After receiving Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault training, individuals who partake in this program can sit in the Courthouse and gain valuable experience with not only filing legal documentation, but also getting to see how the general processes at the courthouse work. Beyond all of the practical experience that our members gain, the feeling of helping those who need support is by far the best part of working with the Victim Advocacy Program.