Annual Giving Societies

Dean's Leadership Circle

The Dean's Leadership Circle offers the law school dean resources to take advantage of exciting opportunities for faculty and students and to support innovative programs that will enhance the legal education provided by the OU College of Law.

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Membership as of July 31, 2021

Luke Abel
Paige and Michael Bass
Kathy and Mike Bickford
Tim and Meg Bomhoff
Quintin and Jill Cassady
John W. Dunn, Jr.
L. Kyle Ferguson
Foliart Huff Ottaway & Bottom
Woodrow K. Glass
Glenn Coffee & Associates
Katheleen R. Guzman
Laura and Henry Hood
John C. Hudson
J. Eric Ivester
Joel Jankowsky
Cathleen A. Jones
Mike and Mary Jane Lauderdale
Gregory L. Mahaffey
The Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
Brian and Charlotte Mitchell
R. Clark Musser
Phillips Murrah P.C.
Amanda Pennington-Prugh and Ryan Prugh
Puterbaugh Foundation
Robert J. Ross
William J. Ross
The John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation
Phillip and Penny Whaley
Reggie N. Whitten

Certain annual contributions may qualify for honorary giving society membership. For more information, please email or call (405) 325-9175.

Honorary Membership as of July 31, 2021

Edward R. Adwon
Robert and Cara Barnes
Gary Beadles
William T. Comfort, Jr. and Nathalie Pierrepont Comfort
John D. Groendyke
Hartzog Conger Cason
Robert H. Henry
Alan and Anita Holloway
Inasmuch Foundation
Susie L. Lees
Michael and Mary Mahaffey
Justin McMorrow
Robin Cauthron and Hank Meyer
Cynda and Larry Ottaway
J. Kevin and Jeanne Poorman
Philip H. Potter and Penny Pagano
Raal H. Roos
Micheal C. Salem and Esther Rider-Salem
Qualls E. Stevens
Kathryn Taylor
Steven W. Taylor
Chris J. Thompson
John B. Turner
Thomas S. Walker
Anita Enz Wertz
Whitten Burrage LLP
Bruce W. Wilkinson

Second Century Scholarship Society

The OU College of Law is focused on providing an affordable, world-class education. This scholarship will be given in the donor's name, and 100 percent of the funds donated go directly to student scholarships.

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Membership as of July 31, 2021

Charles B. Ammann
Robert K. Bost
Reagan and Keri Bradford
Todd R. Burlie Sr.
Shelby J. Bush
Robin J. Cauthron
Jonice Cline
Stephen D. Colbert
James F. Davis
Casey and Scott Delaney
Sarah E. Ernst
Arnold and Mari Fagin
James T. Farha
Stephen and Nancy Friot
Robert and Cindy Garbrecht
William R. Grimm
Russell and Nancy Harbaugh
J. David Iverson
Melissa L. James
Sharon C. Jett
Lauren and Rich Johnson
Frank A. Keating, II
Tim Leonard
William L. Leonard
Michael C. Mayhall
Scott and Susan Meacham
Randall D. Mock
Judy Hamilton Morse
John M. Nelson
Cynda and Larry Ottaway
J. Kevin and Jeanne Poorman
Ashley D. Rahill
Glenn W. Rawdon
R. Kevin Redwine
Robert Sartin
David and Alla Stewart
Martin Stringer
James A. Taylor
Chuck R. Thompson
Sean and Erin Wagner
Scott C. Weatherholt
Gary B. Wilcox
Bruce W. Wilkinson
Jeffrey Willis
Marion L. Winters
Marilyn A. Young

Amicus Society

The Amicus Society provides fellowship funding to students who secure public interest positions over the summer. The funds raised also allow the College of Law to secure exciting guest lecturers and advance the mission of the College.

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Membership as of July 31, 2021

Anita K. Anthony
Richard I. Avery
Henry and Hayden Benton
Donald and Marianne Blackwell
Connor R. Bourland
Thomas and Mary Brett
J.D. and Lindsay Brown
LeAnne T. Burnett
John G. Canavan Jr.
John J. Coates
Patrick O. Colaw
Alicia Q. Currin-Moore
Jered T. Davidson
Patricia D. Davis
Timothy and Elaine DeGiusti
Hal William Ellis
Catharine V. Ewing (Posthumously)
Hossein M. Farzaneh
Phil Fraim
Miguel Garcia
Rebecca J. and James L. Gore
Gerald P. Green
Noma D. Gurich
Joel C. Hall
Frank D. Hill
Jerome A. Holmes
Gerald K. Hornung, II
Wynn Ibach
Melanie J. Jester
Stephen Jones
Greg Julian
Frank A. Keating, II
John and Jane Kenney
Terry and Jeanette Kern
The Kerr Foundation*
Thomas J. Kirby
Kathleen Knight
Jake Krattiger
Michael S. Laird
Jason and Jana Leonard
Janice D. Loyd
John Mee
Ryne V. Miller - in honor of Sam Shilling
Lisa M. Millington
Jack Mills
Patrick Moore
Andrew J. Morris
Russell L. Mulinix
Gregory D. Nellis
Elizabeth J. Nevitt*
Alfred R. Nolting
Cynda and Larry Ottaway
David W. Parham
Stephen W. Ray
Karen S. Rieger
David L. Russell
Frank and Janet Seay
Timothy Sinnott
Joshua C. Stockton
James and Barbara Sturdivant
Cullen D. Sweeney
John and Marilyn Wagner
Chris D. Wolek

*Honorary membership

OU Law Society

The OU Law Society is a yearly membership organization that supports the College of Law's general fund. This organization provides its members the opportunity to participate in networking events and social receptions.

Read more about the OU Law Society.

Make a gift online and join the OU Law Society.

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Membership as of July 31, 2021

Charles D. Ablard
Abbe S. Adams
Robert M. Back
Teresa E. Baumann
Stephen D. Beam
Dale J. Billam
Jap W. Blankenship
Michael J. Blaschke
Connor R. Bourland
Earl A. Bright, II
Don D. Brown
Katie M. Brown
Jeffery H. Bryant
Louis G. Buchanan
Daniel P. Buckelew
Sonya R. Bynum
Brian L. Carter
Allison B. Chandler
Kristy D. Clark
Jessica Cory
Gary W. Derrick
J. Michael Donahoe
Robert and Monica Dougherty
B. Lynne Driver
Douglas A. Echols
Ted and Lyn Elam*
Harry and Beverly Endicott
Shon T. Erwin
Jeffrey L. Fisher
Edwin L. Gage
Alexis Galindo
Michael Geigerman
Christopher R. Geurin
Fred and Mary Ann Glassco
Marci J. Gracey
Joe L. Heaton
Jennifer Henderson-Callahan
John N. Hermes
William and Alicia Heydman
D. Michael Hisey
David W. Holden
Don G. Holladay
Mark B. Houts
Jason Huff
Noah D. Johnson
Wes Johnston
Bernard M. Jones
David W. Kelly
Donald J. Kyte
Anne Wilson Larkin
Carl E. LeForce
James M. Little
Scott P. Mabrey
Jason T. Maloy
Elizabeth M. Matchinski
C. Allen McCall
Rachel K. McCombs
Laura McConnell-Corbyn and George Corbyn
Mark and Stacy McDaniel
Richard L. McKnight
Jack Mills
Porter H. Morgan
Robert D. Nelon
Glendell D. Nix
Tiffany S. Noble
Richard C. Ogden
William L. Oliver
Major W. Park
Allen B. Pease
Camal I. Pennington
Taylor J. Peshehonoff
John P. Pinkerton
Ashley L. Powell
Gary and Cheryl Prochaska
Stephen W. Ray
A. Donald Rhoads
Leah Roper
Donald D. Self
Donald R. Shaw
Alex Shipley
Harvey A. Siler
Christopher D. Snow
Steven W. Soule
Lacey and Cynthia Stevenson
Kenneth M. Stoner
Lana McGee Straub
Julia Summers
Susan A. Teschner
Brett M. Thomas
Robert G. Vaughn
Samuel J. Veazey
William and Briian Velie
Jeff and Rooney Virgin
James R. Waldo
Grayson P. Walker
Paula M. Williams
Mickey and Ann Wilson

*Honorary membership