OU Law makes every effort to meet the minimum financial needs of all enrolled students. Need-based financial aid, all in the form of loans for graduate study, is available.
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The specific amount a student is entitled to is in accordance with the student’s financial need analysis. For more information, go to the OU Financial Aid Services website (opens in a new window).

OU Law also administers a scholarship and awards program. All scholarships and awards are determined from a scholarship questionnaire, which is provided to all first-year students after classes start in the fall. By completing the questionnaire, students are considered for all merit and need-based scholarships for which they may qualify. The Scholarship Committee makes decisions in September and March of each year. Current information on Tuition and Fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees page (opens in a new window), maintained by the University's Office of the Bursar.  Next academic year pricing will posted by July 1 each year.

College of Law Tuition and Fees: Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

For Residents
For Non-Residents
Tuition Per Credit Hour $583.50 Tuition Per Credit Hour $1,059.00
Fee/Semester Flat Fee (charged once per semester) $117.50 Fee/Semester Flat Fee (charged once per semester) $117.50
Fee/Hour Multiply by number of hours registered $193.80 Fee/Hour Multiply by number of hours registered $193.80
Total Tuition and Fees Total Tuition and Fees
Semester Costs (15 Hours) Annual Costs (30 Hours) For Non-Residents Annual Costs (30 Hours)
Tuition $8,752.50 Tuition $17,505.00 Tuition $15,885.00 Tuition $31,770.00
Fees $3,024.50 Fees $6,049.00 Fees $3,024.50 Fees $6,049.00
Total $11,777.00 Total $23,554.00 Total $18,909.50 Total $37,819.00