At OU Law, today is the future of legal education.
Across all disciplines, technology is accelerating education like never before, which is why in 2014, we became the first law school in the nation to launch a comprehensive college-wide Digital Initiative. OU Law remains the only Apple Distinguished Law School in all of North America.

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What is the Digital Initiative?

Sound knowledge and skilled arguments aren’t always enough in today’s competitive legal landscape. Firms and organizations also want to hire tech-savvy lawyers who are comfortable with the tools needed to research, communicate, and present in the 21st century.

Our Digital Initiative is built around three core elements: the common platform of the iPad, given to our students at no cost; a digital training curriculum that pushes our students to use technology for productivity and practice; and redesigned facilities dedicated to connecting students to one another and to the people and societies they will serve, including the Inasmuch Collaborative Learning Center and the Chickasaw Active Learning Classroom.

At OU Law, we prepare you to succeed in the modern practice of law.

Thrive digitally at OU Law.

OU Law provides each incoming student with an iPad at no cost. You’ll load it up with tools, apps, and programs useful for learning, communicating, and practicing law today, such as the LIT SUITE of apps, PowerNotes, Clio, and more. The device also supports your legal research and personal productivity apps from Microsoft 365 Suite, including the most current versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive for Business, Teams.

Our students receive extensive training and education on the software, tools, and innovative mindset needed in the modern practice of law. You’ll explore iPad and other apps that will aid in your legal practice, such as TrialPad, Firm Central, and Office 365, and receive training directly from experts at tech companies like Apple, LawDroid, My Legal Einstein, Clio, DISCO, and many, many more.

We annually offer multiple experiences and opportunities to expand law students' digital knowledge.  This includes 60 - 70 different training opportunities throughout the school year, attendance at legal technology conferences, formal coursework, and modern law practice certifications.  Through these opportunities, students at OU Law receive an average of 6 hours of training, with some students individually receiving 40 - 50 hours of training.

In 2016, OU Law launched the $1.5 million Inasmuch Foundation Collaborative Learning Center (CLC), housed in the Donald E. Pray Law Library.  The CLC features two virtual reality stations; four multimedia study rooms; a flipped seminar classroom; a fully-equipped computer lab with dual-monitor stations; moveable whiteboard desks and stands; Brody WorkLounges; a “genius station” for research support; a café; and cooperative learning spaces for student collaboration.  In addition, the Law Library is now providing wireless VR headsets for check out in the CLC for students to explore wellness apps.

Chickasaw Nation Active Learning Classroom

In 2021, the Donald E. Pray Law Library once again reimagined its space with the new, 1,500-square-foot Chickasaw Nation Active Learning Classroom (ALC).  The ALC is a dynamic environment that expands course instruction beyond the traditional lecture format and encourages students to become engaged participants in their own learning.

  • Attorney ethical obligations & competence.
  • Market realities & access to justice.
  • Improving the attorney/client experience.
  • Improving attorney/firm life.

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