Since 1948, the University of Oklahoma College of Law has published the Oklahoma Law Review (OLR) to serve the profession and the public with timely discussion of legal issues.

Who We Are

Founded in 1948, the Oklahoma Law Review is published quarterly by University of Oklahoma College of Law to serve the profession and the public with timely discussions of state and federal legal issues. OLR’s editorial board and membership are composed of law students, who work in consultation with a faculty advisor. Each issue of the Review contains articles written by scholars and practitioners, as well as comments and notes authored by journal editors and members. OLR also publishes an annual symposium issue.

OU Law students gain admittance to OLR via high academic standing or by selection through an annual writing competition. First-year students are briefed on these two methods in the Legal Writing and Research class. Members develop invaluable skills in analyzing legal problems, marshaling authorities, and expressing themselves accurately and precisely. Academic credit is also earned for participation on OLR. Approximately fifty students take part in OLR each academic year.

What's New at OLR

The Spring 2024 issue of the Oklahoma Law Review, vol. 76, no. 3, was published in April and is available in PDF format at the Current Issues page. Featured are four new articles: “Re/Descheduling Marijuana Through Administrative Action,” by Scott Bloomberg, Alexandra Harriman & Shane Pennington; “Lawmakers and Economic Othering,” by Edward W. De Barbieri; “After Affirmative Action: Contextual Admissions and the Future of African American Law School Enrollment,” by Nathan L. Bennett Fleming; and “The Nation’s Transfer Tax Regime and the Tax Gap,” by Jay A. Soled. Also featured is one new student comment,“Interpolation, Litigation, and Copyright Confusion: How the Music Industry’s Influence Is Hindering Creativity,” by Hannah Edmondson, and two student notes, “Holding All the Cards: The Role of the Oklahoma Family Wealth Preservation Trust Act in the Game of Domestic Asset Protection,” by T. Grace Hall, and “‘Facet’ or ‘Facets’ of Executive Privilege in Oklahoma? Vandelay’s Unclear Outcome,” by Nick Candido.

Serving on the Oklahoma Law Review for the 2023-2024 academic year are: Editor-in-Chief: Madison Estes; Managing Editor: T. Grace Hall; Executive Articles Editor: Kale Parker; Articles Editors: Emily Fogg, Emery Green, and Stephanie Hayes; Note & Comment Editors: Caleb Osigian, Daniel Wheelock, and Sara Wray; Assistant Articles Editors: Connor Clark, Margaret East, Hannah Edmondson, and Skylar Hill; Assistant Managing Editors: Carlee Apel, Parker Lawter, Rachel Miller, Nick Rupert, Chad Smith, and Trey Waters; Judiciary Committee: Nick Candido, Sophia Silvernail, and Trey Waters; Research Editor and Candidate Mentor: Skylar Hill; Symposium Editor: Emily Brown; Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor: Nickolas Curry; and Staff Editors: Connor Clark, Nickolas Curry, and Margaret East.

The previous issue of the Oklahoma Law Review, vol. 76, no. 2, is also available in PDF format at the Current Issues page. Featured in this issue are three new articles: “Non-Human Stakeholders: Testing the Boundaries of Stakeholder Theory,” by Justin Blount and Michael Conklin; “Market Failure and Censorship in the Marketplace of Ideas,” by John P. Anderson and Jeremy Kidd; and “Tesla, Let Me Fix My Car: The Right to Repair and the Need for a Balance Between Public and Private Enforcement,” by Emanuele S. Putrino. Also featured are two new student comments,“Prioritizing Oklahoma Mothers: Recommending Rehabilitation and Recovery Rather than Punishment for Pregnancy,” by Alex B. Cox, and “PFAS, Planes, and Problems: PFAS Regulation in the Aerospace and Aviation Industries,” by Emery G. Green, and one new student note, “Cyberflashing: Exposing Oklahoma’s Legal Loophole,” by Sara Wray.

The Oklahoma Law Review is currently reviewing articles.  See the Submissions page for details.

The Oklahoma Law Review back issue archive is in the process of being relocated. PDF copies of issues going back to vol. 34, no. 1 (1981) are now available through our Digital Commons page. Additional volumes will be added in the months ahead.

How to Contact Us

Madison Estes, Editor-in-Chief:, (918) 330-0551, (405) 325-5192

Grace Hall, Managing Editor:, (405) 915-9757, (405) 325-5192

Kale Parker, Executive Articles Editor:, (918) 318-0383, (405) 325-5192

Michael Waters, Editorial Advisor:, (405) 325-5191

OLR's regular mailing address is: Oklahoma Law Review, University of Oklahoma College of Law, 300 Timberdell Road, Norman, OK 73019


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