Learn the nuances of the global landscape with our international and comparative law concentration.
Explore diverse realms like international business, human rights, criminal and environmental law, and comparative studies for a comprehensive legal education.

Maximize Your Global Legal Expertise

Explore diverse international law courses, engage in global affairs internships, and participate in the State Department's Diplomacy Lab. Work on research projects, present findings to foreign affairs officers, and contribute to shaping U.S. foreign policy decisions through innovative conferences. At OU Law, you’ll contribute to international diplomacy even before graduation.

Earn Your International Law Certificate

Practicing 21st-century law requires daily scrutiny of trans-border transactions in our interconnected world. Whether in international business, human rights, criminal or environmental law, or comparative law, our International Law Certificate deepens your understanding. Apply to the certificate program today.

Earn Your J.D. & M.A.I.S.

The OU Law distinction means you can earn your J.D. and your M.A. in International Studies at the same time. Classes are mutually beneficial and will ensure you have all of the education you need to be successful in this ever-growing field.

Center for International Business and Human Rights

Established in 2016, OU Law proudly hosts the first-ever International Business and Human Rights Center at a U.S. law school. This unique Center equips you with academic training, networking opportunities, and practical experience in this emerging field while also serving as an academic think tank for international business and human rights issues. Discover more about the Center's mission, team, and beyond.


Foundational Courses Electives & Seminars Experiential & Other Courses
Int'l Law Foundations Comparative Criminal Law
Comparative Indigenous Peoples Law Seminar
Comparative Law
Comparative Responses to Terrorism and Political Violence
Immigration Law
Int'l Business and Human Rights
International Energy Law
Int'l Environmental Law
Int'l Human Rights
War Crimes Tribunal
Human Rights Practicum
Int'l Law & Affairs Externships


Delve into international business law without a J.D. Our LL.M. caters to those practicing law, and the M.L.S. is designed for non-lawyers seeking legal expertise. Learn more about specializing in these programs.
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