At OU Law, we offer a range of concentrations to choose from.
Tailor your J.D. to the area of law you plan to practice. Explore our versatile J.D. concentrations by diving into the details of our courses and the opportunities specific to that area of study.

OU Law’s J.D. Concentrations

OU Law is proud to offer a diverse array of specializations for our students. Explore our various concentrations below.

American Indian & Indigenous Peoples Law

Certificate Available

Discover the nuances of the Native American legal system, a unique legal framework that coexists and interacts with federal law. Our exceptional faculty guides you in collaborating with and empowering the enduring Native American communities integral to OU Law.

Business & Commercial Real Estate

Certificate Available

Become an adept commercial litigator, transactional deal maker, or in-house counsel. Our courses help you gain a holistic understanding of business law intricacies, complemented by a strong emphasis on oil and gas, natural resources, and energy law with a focus on real property and real estate law and transactions.

International & Comparative Law

Certificate Available

Understand the significance of our interconnected world with our international and comparative law courses. Gain unique insights into the foreign policy-making process and seize the opportunity to participate in international affairs internships, opening doors to a global career.

Oil and Gas, Resources, & Natural Energy

Certificate Available

Join the forefront of national and international leadership in oil and gas, natural resources, and energy law at OU, encapsulated as ONE. Home to the Eugene Kuntz Conference on Natural Resources Law and Policy and the Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal (ONE J), OU Law offers unparalleled resources for scholarly pursuits in these domains.

Constitutional & Public Interest Law

Learn about constitutional law's foundational principles from faculty who have worked for Supreme Court justices, litigated constitutional law cases from trial courts to the high court, and written authoritative works in the field. This concentration also offers you the opportunity to engage in simulated litigation.

Criminal Law & Procedure

Make a difference in society by enrolling in the Criminal Law concentration. Explore the essence of humanity by addressing questions of justice and fairness and work aggressively to make our world a better place by righting wrongs.

Estate Planning

Delve into the intricacies of estate planning, where lawyers and clients collaborate to devise optimal strategies for the ownership, management, and seamless transfer of assets, ensuring a secure future. 

Family Law

Family law profoundly impacts numerous lives, almost more than any other area of legal study. This concentration uniquely integrates theory and practice, ensuring you comprehend the intricacies of family law and the practical proficiency to apply it effectively. Learn from expert faculty who have written the law in Oklahoma and litigated the cases that interpret the statutes.

General Practitioner

Embrace the rich tradition of general practice in the legal profession, where generalists cater to a diverse clientele facing various legal issues. Whether aspiring to be a general practitioner or exploring career options, our versatile courses cultivate the breadth needed to advise clients with varied needs and develop client-oriented skills. 

Healthcare Law

Healthcare is becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. economy. Stay at the forefront of this vital field by taking legal courses that provide a solid understanding of the laws governing the U.S. healthcare system.

Intellectual Property Law

The relevance of IP extends across all businesses and private spheres. Our distinguished faculty, sought-after experts in the field, guide you through a holistic exploration of fundamental principles, their underlying policies, and the intricate interplay of IP laws.


Immerse yourself in the essence of litigation at OU Law, where we recognize it as a cornerstone of daily legal practice. This concentration offers foundational preparation and hands-on learning experiences, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of this primary formal conflict process across all areas of the law.

Tax Law

Whether in law firms, corporations, or government agencies, our tax law concentration's unique experiential approach equips you to navigate the nuances of federal and state tax responsibilities, aiding clients in compliance and strategic planning.

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Customize Your Learning Experience: Dual Degrees and Certificates

As an OU Law student, you can enhance your J.D. degree by earning a dual degree or certificate in specific areas of law. Learn more about this unique opportunity.